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From US & South Korea

Class of 2023

Vanderbilt University,

Peabody College of Education

Major: Human & Organizational Development, Cognitive Science

Justin was accepted ED into Vanderbilt's most popular major, Human & Organizational Development, within the nationally-renowned Peabody College of Education. As a sophomore undergraduate, he understands the challenges of navigating the college application process, beginning college life in a completely new environment, and the pre/post-COVID college eras - including adjusting to a new academic and social lifestyle and new dynamics within student organizations. His interests include soccer, A Capella, CrossFit and football.

In high school, Justin was focused on his varsity soccer team and mock trials. He was also a Teaching Fellow in the Breakthrough Silicon Valley initiative, where he was a mentor to various students. 

INTERESTS:Consulting, Restorative Justice, Educational Equity

Languages: English

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