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How do I book my session? What is the process? 


Before booking your session, make sure to browse through all our unique Otter Advisor profiles (which you can access under the Otter Family tab) to determine which advisor you would like a session with. 

After deciding on an advisor, go on the “Book your Session” tab and click “Book Now” on the 60 minute Advisor Session. You will be redirected to a calendar where you can select your advisor under the “all staff” dropdown bar and schedule a date + time. Note that our sessions will be conducted via Google Meet. 

How do I apply to be an Otter Advisor?


Email otteradvising@gmail.com with your resume, university, prospective majors, and graduation year. As part of the application process, we'll schedule you for a 25 min interview and group training session.

Do you offer SAT prep sessions or tutoring for particular classes? 


No. We don’t offer prep for SAT tests, but, during our hourly sessions, we can provide advice and knowledge on SAT requirements at our respective universities and talk about our own experience taking these tests -- if you consider this to be helpful. We don’t offer tutoring for particular classes (like Calc, Econ, English, etc.) either, but can advise you on different classes to take based on our experiences. 


How will I receive the Google Meet link for my upcoming booked session? 

You should receive an email from your advisor (within 24 hours of your booking) with the Google Meet link for your upcoming session. If, for some reason, you still haven’t received the link after that allotted 24hr time frame, please email otteradvising@gmail.com with your name, the name of your advisor, and your booking date. 

How much does a session cost? 

Students pay $45 for each one-hour call, which is 78% less than other private college counseling. At Otter Advising we are committed to providing affordable, accessible and personalized advising sessions for our students. 


Who are the advisors of Otter Advising? 

Otter Advisers are current undergraduates at top U.S. institutions including Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, Columbia, Brown, Duke, Northeastern, among others. They have attended training sessions and specialized in workshop templates for each of our features. Not only are they highly knowledgeable in the area of college applications (having successfully navigated the process themselves), but they can also offer insider student tips, personalized advice and access to a world-wide network of connections. At Otter, we are firm believers in the power of student-to-student mentor-like interactions. 


Do I have to commit to one advisor?

No, you do not have to strictly commit to a single advisor. After browsing through all our advisor profiles on our Otter Family page, you can decide which advisor you would like to book your hourly session with. You can book a session with different advisors for different needs if you choose to do so, it is completely up to you. 


Can I write reviews for my advisor? 

After a session with an advisor we strongly recommend for students to write a review under our “Advisor Ratings” tab that can also be accessed via our “Rate an Advisor” button on the Otter Family page. These ratings can provide transparency in this process and help out new students while trying to choose their own advisors. 


What if a call needs to be rescheduled or cancelled? What is the cancellation policy? 

If you need to cancel or reschedule a call you need to contact your advisor at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session notifying them of the situation. If such timely notice is not given, Otter Advising will not be able to refund your session, unless subject to extenuating circumstances. In the case of a rescheduling, after receiving the student’s notice, the advisor will contact the student to arrange another suitable date for the session call. 


What happens if I don't show up within the first 15 minutes of the booked session call? 

If no prior notice has been given to the advisor and the student does not show up within the first 15 minutes of a booked session, the advisors have the right to leave the session and Otter Advising will not be issuing a refund for the student. 


I received an Otter Code, where can I validate it? 

If you have received one of our promo Otter codes from an advisor, there will be a section in the checkout after booking your session where you can enter the code. 


Will my advisor write my essay for me and/or guarantee my admission into my dream university? 

No. Our Otter Advisors are merely here to support you through this process while offering their own experiences and expertises as guidance. In no way does our service guarantee your admission into any university. Nonetheless, we sincerely hope that our successful college application experiences can help you in your own journey. 


Will my payment information and data be protected? 

Otter Advising prioritizes privacy and security of your information and data. Your personal information will not be shared to any third party without your consent. Visit the privacy section of our Terms and Conditions for more information. 


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