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From South Africa and United Kingdom

Duke University,

Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2023

Major: Public Policy and Global Health

Minor: Journalism

Anna is a student at Duke University, who is pursuing a major in Public Policy and Global Health. Her hobbies include Photography, Traveling, Playing the Piano,  and Volunteering as an English Teacher for refugees. 

In high school, Anna competed in debate nationally, was heavily involved in student government, founded and supported several charity initiatives, was chief editor of the school magazine, volunteered at summer schools for underprivileged communities and ran a STEM club for lower-school students

Anna is also a first-generation college student and has lived in 5 different countries, and 4 different continents, including the UAE and Uganda where she has spent most of life.

INTERESTS:International relations, Global Health Policy, Marketing & Entrepreneurship  

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