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Once you click on "Book", you'll receive options to purchase call packages, chose times/dates and select your advisor for the call!


During this one hour session, you can discuss personal projects, plan/create your student profile/resume, generate ideas for your college application essays, and find network opportunities with your Otter Mentor! 

Book YOUr Online Session



-Brainstorm Ideas

-Outline your Essays

-Revise & Keep Revising

-Receive Personalized Tips and Insights on Classes, Professors, and Clubs 


personal project


-Create and Develop Clubs for your School

-Work on Extracurricular Activities Outside of School

-Get Advice on current Personal Projects and Clubs




-Revise your Working Resume

-Develop an Activities List for the Common App

-Create a Student Profile/Resume for the Common App, Internships, or Summer Programs


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